Our Mission

We are working towards the recognition and respect of rights and self-determination of indigenous peoples and their communities over their traditional territories and natural resources.

Documenting ICCAs

ICCA Declaration and Registration / CCP Formulation and Updating

Sustaining ICCAs

ICCA Advocacy / Fair Trade

Defending ICCAs

Legal Program

Empowering ICCAs

Institutional Development / IP Academy

What are the ICCAs?

For many custodian communities, the connection with their territories is much richer than any word or label can express. It is a bond of livelihood, energy, and health. It is a source of identity and culture, autonomy, and freedom.

It is the connecting tie among generations, preserving memories from the past, and connecting those to the desired future. It is the ground on which communities learn, identify values, and develop self-rule.

Key Statistics

19 Philippine ICCAs


300,000+ hectares of ICCAs mapped and registered with the UNEP-WCMC


75% of key biodiversity areas overlapping with ancestral domains


1, 208,199.01 hectares of protected areas overlapping with ancestral domains 

Where are the ICCAs?

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