Green Bills

The Philippines is blessed with abundant natural resources — this is our pride and soul. This is also our lifeline. This is where we get our food for everyday sustenance. This is why the economy thrives. This is how the country stands strong amidst global crises. But it can be more than that. 

As the world recovers from coronavirus and adjusts to the New Normal, now is the perfect time to reboot the country and ensure proper attention to our lands this time around. 

We must guarantee that the economy bounces back for the people and nature first, before profit. We must no longer allow abusive enterprises to go back to “business as usual” operations. They must learn to work ethically with our people and our natural resources. This begins the road to recovery now, for a thriving future tomorrow.

The Green Bills Network

We are a network of environmental NGOs inspired every day by the true caretakers of our lands: Indigenous Peoples, farmers, fisherfolk. 

Their culture, systems, and practices put the environment at the forefront of everything. They survive and thrive if nature can provide.

For the past decades, we have witnessed injustices concerning them. It is high time we take action to enable them to continue nurturing our lands. After all, it is every Filipino who will also benefit from these worthy causes. 

The Philippine Greenprint is a campaign promoting the passage of four bills critical to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of people who take care of these resources.

We encourage fellow Filipinos to invest in developments that will foster a better future while attending to concerns pertaining to nature. This is the kind of investment the world needs after a major crisis. And all it’s asking for: an investment of time and attention that can generate multitudes of progressive returns spanning beyond our generation’s lifetime.

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